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Green Anti-Aging


The onset of aging is a tough blow to anyone and can severely damage a person’s self-esteem and self-image.

Desperate, many people turn to drastic measures: some are buying a sport car, some are turning to plastic surgery, cosmetic laser and dermal fillers (like Botox and so forth); some are dating much younger people, others still attempt to blend into the background.

The frustrating reality is that whether you’re a man or a woman, rich or poor, smart or dumb, eventually we all have to face the aging process. VERY few people are prepared, ready and willing to embrace it. Most people are eager to fight aging and that’s for good reasons.

Youth, youthful appearance and energy are an advantage in professional life. They’re valuable in personal life. They’re priceless to our self-image.

The big question is why rejuvenation as we know it has to be invasive, risky, painful and toxic. If you look at today’s anti-aging methods – leave alone the society’s contempt for the aging – it’s scary. Whether it’s politically correct or not, nobody likes aging or aging people. Experience simply doesn’t have the same value as youth, energy or physical attractiveness.

Few people feel old. Nobody wants to look, feel or act old. Aging makes us vulnerable, brittle and fearful that’s the nature of the process as we know it: as your faculties diminish, your self-confidence diminishes as well. Geriatrics – or geriatric medicine – helps manage symptoms of aging, not aging.

There are the “normal” aches and pains that are not necessary symptoms of an illness. We slow down and get tired faster. Take those to your doctor, you may get a pain reliever, perhaps an anti-depressant and an explanation: “these are normal signs of aging, accept it.” Do you? I don’t. I researched conventional anti-aging options and explored GREEN anti-aging. Personally, I believe in GREEN anti-aging.

Green Anti Aging

Even if aging isn’t considered a disease; to the person going through the process of aging it certainly feels like it. An ill person would be provided with care, compassion, warmth, encouragement and support. Aging people are looked down at. It is my belief that every living being – at any stage of life! – deserves respect and nurture. It is my belief that we should arrive at maturity proudly, enjoy its fruits and live to the fullest until we drop.

I don’t see the need for anyone to suffer from aging; to sacrifice their standards, stamina, good mood or appearance; to put up with unspoken ageism especially with natural anti-aging options within our reach….

To put our emotions about getting older aside, aging isn’t all bad. It has some powerful advantages. Older people have more:

  • knowledge
  • experience
  • wisdom
  • professional authority
  • achievements
  • resources

not to mention:


In some ways, we are in a much better position to accomplish what we want than people half of our age.

Provided aging DIDN’T come with wrinkles, sagging, aches, pains, loss of stamina, limited mobility, general slow down, poor sexual performance, brain fog, forgetfulness and overall vulnerability, being “old” could be fun!

Can it be? YES! Stick with Green Anti Aging blog and you’ll come around, too!

In a nutshell, Green Anti Aging blog explores natural approach to anti-aging. There is food for thought – expect more! – Green anti-aging books, green anti-aging remedies, green anti-aging supplements and A LOT MORE!

I’ll share my personal experiences with aging and the insights I arrived on in such categories as:

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“It is sad to grow old but nice to ripen.” Brigitte Bardot

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